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 Health Supplements | What is GMO-Free and Why Does it Matter?


Being healthy is your top priority. Did you know, though, that the world’s top health supplement producers all openly admit to using GMO ingredients in products? At NutraPro, we don’t. All of our supplements are 100% GMO-free. The only question is, what is GMO-free and why should you care?


What is GMO-Free? - Your Non-GMO Shopping Guide


What does non-GMO mean? To understand, it is necessary to understand how health supplements are formulated.

Ingredients like soy, corn, and other grain derivatives, are commonly used in a variety of health supplements. These won’t always appear on lists of active ingredients, though. This is because soy and grain products are commonly used as binding agents.

In their natural form soy, corn, and other grains aren’t harmful. In the majority of cases, though, corn and soy used in supplement production is genetically modified. This is thanks to the fact that GMO grains are cheap, and presently account for 75% of all grains used in food production in the United States.

What are GMO Ingredients and Why Should You Care?

GMO plants, animals, and strains of bacteria (like yeast), contain genes which are artificially introduced to species.

Advocates of genetically modified organisms say that GMOs help create drought and pest-resistant crops. This lowers production costs and agricultural product wholesale prices. However, increasing evidence suggests that genetically modified organisms are detrimental to human well being.

  • GMO grains and soy products are loaded with toxic pesticides like glyphosate.
  • Genes used products like Bt corn, result in crops creating insecticides at a cellular level. When ingested, these are absorbed into the gut.
  • Animal studies in Europe indicate that consumption of GMOs leads to higher incidence rates of cancer, necrosis of the liver, and kidney inflammation.

Consumption of GMO products has also been identified as a contributing factor to infertility and hormonal problems.

What is GMO-Free in Simple Terms?

The last thing any health-conscious person wants is to knowingly consume insecticides. There is just one problem.

U.S. vitamin and health supplement producers are not required to disclose whether or not they use GMO ingredients in products. No food producer is and this isn't likely to change until 2023. This being the case, the only way to be certain that you are buying a GMO-free product, is to buy products clearly labeled as non-GMO.

What Does non-GMO Mean?

Non-GMO and GMO-free labels on NutraPro supplements, guarantee that no genetically modified organisms are present in any of our products.


The NutraPro non-GMO Promise


Unlike other vitamin and health supplement producers, we invest in using 100% natural ingredients in all of our supplement formulas. This makes our supplements safer, and more genuinely beneficial in terms of real health and wellness.

Are you making sure to shop for only GMO-free health supplements? If not, start today by always making sure that you check your supplement labels.